Treacle Art presents Lisa Mardell

1.What motivates you and identifies your work from others?
The inspiration for my equine work comes from my love of Iberian horses - the majestic Lusitanos of Portugal and Spain's gorgeous Pura Raza Españolas. Trying to capture their spirit, grace and energy is my motivation. I’m also inspired by the colourful ranch horses of the United States – Paints, Appaloosas and Quarter Horses - and the ethereal beauty of the white horses of the Camargue in France.

For my abstract and impressionistic seascapes I’m inspired by the colours, the constantly shifting focus of the sea and that magical place where the land meets the sea.

2. From your own collection available with Treacle Art, which is your favourite piece?
My favourite image I have with Treacle Art has to be 'Sculpted'. He’s a Spanish stallion, photographed at his owner’s stud in France. It’s the combination of the light, the background and the powerful way that’s he’s moving. I’ve photographed at this particular stud farm three times, with a number of different fabulous horses and this is my favourite image from all of those shoots.

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3. Who has influenced or inspired your work and why?
So many different photographers inspire my work. To mention just a few, the American equine photographer, Tony Stromberg, has been a huge influence - he’s a true master of light. Landscape photographer Paul Sanders is a great inspiration for his calm, beautifully composed, long exposure images. I also love the work of Irish photographers Rohan Reilly and John Miskelly, and ocean photographers Ray Collins and Ben Thouard.

4. What makes you choose the subjects for your photography?
Horses have been a big part of my life since I was eight years old, and so it was natural that they would feature in front of my lens at some point. I travelled to the Camargue 13 years ago to photograph the white horses there. It was such a wonderful experience, and from then on I’ve specialised in equine photography. Seascapes are my second photographic love.

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5. Did you have another job before becoming a photographer / artist?
Yes – my background is in PR, marketing and events organising.

6. What elevates a great picture to Fine Art Photography?
To me, a Fine Art photograph is one that you want to put on your wall and admire for many years. It’s not a documentary image, it’s something much more personal.

7. Have you got any exciting trips/shoots planned?
I’ll be in Idaho soon for a week’s ranch photography, and will also be photographing seascapes in Wales and Scotland next month.

8. Where is your happy place?
I have two happy places - with my two horses, and on a remote beach with my camera.

9. If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
Hopefully for being kind and having fun.

10. We believe #WallsNeedArt what do you have hanging on your wall?
My walls feature two inspirational Paul Sanders’ landscapes, a breathtakingly simple but powerful wave image from the French photographer Ben Thouard, and an abstract David Baker seascape.

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