Treacle Art presents Tony Sellen

1. What motivates you and identifies your work from others?

My motivation comes from wanting to show the world what I see. We all look at certain things in our own way, sometimes in a way others just don’t see. Long exposure and fine art techniques help bring out the artist in me. As an artist you want your art to stand out from others and have its own identity. Having your work recognised as a “Tony Sellen” before seeing who the artist is. I’d like to think that most of my photographs stand out as one of mine, it’s something I’ve worked hard to achieve and continue to work at to maintain.

2. From your own collection available with Treacle Art, which is your favourite piece?

The answer to that question would change every time I was asked. Don Vito was chosen to be published in a book last year. “Dream of Venice in Black and White” is a really nice book featuring many talented photographers and I was honoured to be part of it with two of my photos published in the book. So that is certainly a popular photograph that Treacle Art have in their collection.
As I write this though my favourite is “In A Spin”. This is because I have just finished putting together a five photo project of that staircase.

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3. Who has influenced or inspired your work and why?

There are many great photographers out there that I take inspiration from. Some for their strong compositions and others for the processing they apply to their images.

4. What made you choose landscape and architecture as your subjects for photography?

As much as I love landscape photography I really wouldn’t put myself in that category as an artist. I do shoot landscapes from time to time but I don’t often publish the photographs online. I feel so happy and relaxed when I’m out in the middle of nowhere shooting landscapes but I feel much more at home in the city shooting architecture or candid street shots.
Living so close to London makes the city a good location for me to go and take some photographs. I’m lucky that London is a city that’s forever changing and there is always something new to go and shoot.

5. Did you have another job before becoming a photographer / artist ?

I did and I still do. I’m an engineer most of the time and only an artist when I have time to be. As much as part of me would like to be a full time photographer I think the added pressure would impact the enjoyment and creativity I currently have.

6.What elevates a great picture to Fine Art Photography?

Creating fine art from a photo is the hardest thing to do. It’s showing the world your personal vision. Using light, shadows and strong compositions to show something how you want it to be seen. Long exposure and post processing techniques help to enhance the vision of a scene and create the fine art. It’s very personal, showing the world what you see.

7. Have you got any exciting trips planned?

This could be the first time for a few years that the answer to that question is no. I have recently come back from New York so it will be hard to beat that with the next trip. There are a few places I have in mind that I’d like to visit and a few that I’d like to get back to this year.

8. Where is your happy place?

Somewhere remote with no one else in sight. Cool crisp air, clear blue skies and snow on the ground. Somewhere like this is where I’d be at my happiest but I can be nearly as happy on a cloudy day in a busy city taking some photographs.

9. If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

As an artist it has to be the photographs I produce. It’s my work, my vision, to be remembered for some of that would be a true honour. Family and friends will know me for much more than that and hopefully remember me for more than my art.

10. We believe #WallsNeedArt what do you have hanging on your wall?

I’m starting to collect photographs from fellow photographers that I admire and respect. Many of whom I talk to online and some I’m lucky enough to have been out shooting with. It’s a collection that’s going to grow very quickly, I may need bigger walls. 

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