They say a picture can convey a thousand words; this is certainly true in the world of branding, advertising and art generally. But a photograph can also create personality and cohesion in an interior space.

Fine Art Photography can provide a theme, an expression of your interests; depict dreams and aspirations or a memory. Whatever your reason for bringing Fine Art Photography into your home or commercial space, it will add personality and a talking point.

At Treacle Art we offer opportunities to buy prints but also work with you on a one-to-one basis to create bespoke art for your space.

Size Matters

If you are looking for a particular sized print, for example oversized feature wall art or multiple formats for a unique gallery wall.  We can offer any of our prints to a size that works for your space.

Contact us via directly if you’re looking for something in particular. Tell us the dimensions of the artwork you require and we’ll organise the rest.

Commissioning Bespoke Photography

Whether you are searching for a true one of a kind piece or haven’t quite found what you were looking for, we can work with you to commission an Artist to create bespoke work for you. Depending upon your requirements and budget you can be as creative as you wish.

Our Bespoke Service includes some key steps to create unique art for your space.

The Brief

It is critically important that we bring your vision to life, during your first appointment with our Curator we’ll talk at length about your requirements and establish what style of art you are looking for. Following this appointment we will create a tailored brief for your approval. Ensuring we’ve captured the essence of what you have envisioned, we will make recommendations for potential Artists for you to choose from, as we have a curated selection of established and emerging talent.

Creating a Schedule

All management of the commissioned piece will be handled by us, once we’ve secured the selected artist, we will draw up a schedule to ensure your Art is captured in a timely fashion. If you have a deadline you need the work to be completed and delivered by, it’s recommended you mention this during our first appointment. Many of our Artists are also commercial photographers, so we’ll need to ensure we find a time that suits all.

Recce and Shoot

We would always recommend a location recce to ensure this matches your vision before any shoot commences. Following approval of these rough recce images, we’ll then arrange the shoot. Coordinating all equipment, people and resources needed to achieve the perfect capture. The dates may vary slightly if you’re trying to capture a particular light, season or mood. But we’ll endeavour to maintain the planned schedule.

Viewing Appointment

Following the shoot and any editing that needs to be completed, we’ll invite you to our boutique gallery to view the photographs. You’ll be asked to make decision on which one (or all) you’d like printed. We’ll make a note of the paper, frames and sizes you’d like. Then organise the rest.

Art in your Space

The final stage is delivery of your unique art.  If you need assistance with installation please do let us know and we can arrange that on your behalf.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment for our Bespoke Service please don’t hesitate to contact us via