Eco-conscious changes to make in your home

Eco-conscious changes to make in your home

Sustainable interior design has taken the world by storm and is now the ultimate choice for conscious and stylish homeowners. By actively incorporating eco-friendly materials and products into your space, you can create a sustainable haven that doesn’t compromise on form or functionality. 

From locally sourced materials to energy-efficient lighting, there are several sustainable interior design choices that will elevate your space. To create a sustainable and chic environment, opt for materials such as bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood, which not only look stunning but also leave a smaller environmental footprint.

When it comes to lighting, swap out traditional bulbs for energy-efficient LED lighting and consider adding skylights or larger windows to maximise natural light. Not only does this reduce your energy consumption, but it also reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money on your energy bills.

Choosing locally sourced materials is another sustainable choice that supports your community while reducing transportation costs and minimising your carbon footprint. Think about supporting local businesses by selecting products made within your region.

Upcycling old furniture is another sustainable interior design trend that is gaining popularity. By repurposing old furniture pieces, you can create unique and sustainable items that add character to your space while reducing waste. Consider giving an old chair a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint or repurposing wooden pallets into furniture pieces.

Investing in high-quality items is also an essential component of sustainable interior design. By purchasing high-quality furniture or appliances, you reduce the need to replace items over time, which in turn reduces waste and your environmental impact.

As community responsibility around environmental impact deepens, incorporating sustainable interior design choices into your space is a fantastic way that benefits the whole as well as creating an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. 

At Treacle Art we care about quality and our effect on the planet, we've ensured that all wooden mouldings are sourced from suppliers who hold the PEFC™ and FSC chain of custody certifications. It’s time to embrace the sustainable movement, come join us at Treacle Art.

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